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Gamma Ray
Empire Of The Undead

Gamma Ray - Empire Of The Undead

With the release of the 11th studio album Empire Of The Undead, Gamma Ray finally reclaims the throne on the world stage of classic power metal.

Along with the release of Empire Of The Undead the band will hit the road on a European spring tour that will certainly provide evidence once again for Gamma Ray's status quo of being one of the most important power metal bands.

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  1. 1. Avalon
  2. 2. Hellbent
  3. 3. Pale Rider
  4. 4. Born To Fly
  5. 5. Master Of Confusion
  6. 6. Empire Of The Undead
  7. 7. Time For Deliverance
  8. 8. Demonseed
  9. 9. Seven
  10. 10. I Will Return
  11. 11. The Spirit
  12. 12. New World Order

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