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Game Theory
Dead Center (Reissue)

Game Theory - Dead Center (Reissue)

Dead Center is an album combining tracks from the band's first two EPs (Pointed Accounts Of People You Know and Distortion). In addition to original recordings from the EPs, the CD also features two songs recorded specifically for the original Dead Center LP, a unique version of the song 'Dead Center' (the original flexi disc recording is also included) and a cover of 'The Letter.'

Both songs appear here on CD for the first time. Add to these, ten rare unreleased recordings including covers of Badfinger's 'No Matter What,' Roxy Music's 'Mother of Pearl,' R.E.M.'s 'Radio Free Europe,' Them's 'Gloria,' and live versions of Game Theory classics.


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"The Letter"


  1. 1. Nine Lives To Rigel Five
  2. 2. Penny{!} Things Won't
  3. 3. Dead Center (French LP Version)
  4. 4. The Red Baron
  5. 5. The Letter
  6. 6. Shark Pretty
  7. 7. Metal And Glass Exact
  8. 8. Selfish Again
  9. 9. Too Late For Tears
  10. 10. Life In July
  11. 11. No Matter What (Demo)
  12. 12. Mother Of Pearl (Live)
  13. 13. Nine Lives To Rigel Five (Live)
  14. 14. Trouble (Live)
  15. 15. Shark Pretty (Live)
  16. 16. Gloria (Live)
  17. 17. Too Late For Tears (Michael Q's 'George Martin' Rough Mix)
  18. 18. Radio Free Europe (Live)
  19. 19. Penny{!} Things Won't (Live)
  20. 20. Say It Ain't So Joe (Radio Session)
  21. 21. Dead Center (Flexi Disc Version)

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