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Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm - Cabbage

On their new album, Cabbage, Gaelic Storm brings influences from rock, bluegrass, Jamaican, African and Middle Eastern music that may surprise those expecting purely traditional Celtic music.

As many tens of thousands of record buyers and festival-goers know, the quintet play high-energy, foot-stomping, feel-good Celtic music. Cabbage carries on that tradition with Gaelic Storm's signature acoustic sound and a fresh batch of crafted story-songs.

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"Raised on Black and Tans"


  1. 1. Raised on Black and Tans
  2. 2. Space Race
  3. 3. Cyclone McClusky
  4. 4. Blind Monkey
  5. 5. Green Eyes, Red Hair
  6. 6. Just Ran Out of Whiskey
  7. 7. Jimmy's Bucket
  8. 8. Cecilia
  9. 9. The Buzzards of Bourbon Street
  10. 10. Turn This Ship Around
  11. 11. Rum Runners
  12. 12. Northern Lights
  13. 13. Crazy Eyes McGullicuddy
  14. 14. Chucky Timm

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 19
    Norfolk, CT, US Gaelic Storm at Infinity Hall
  • Jun 20
    Fairfield, CT, US Gaelic Storm at FTC StageOne
  • Jun 22
    Virginia Beach, VA, US Gaelic Storm at Elevation 27
  • Jun 29
    Beverly, MA, US Gaelic Storm at The Cabot Performing Arts Center
  • Jul 19
    Leesburg, VA, US Gaelic Storm at Tally Ho / Tally Ho Theatre
  • Jul 24
    Louisville, KY, US Gaelic Storm at Mercury Ballroom
  • Jul 25
    Lexington, KY, US Gaelic Storm at Manchester Music Hall
  • Jul 31
    Kalamazoo, MI, US Gaelic Storm at Bell's Back Room
  • Aug 06
    Omaha, NE, US Gaelic Storm at Slowdown
  • Aug 07
    Apple Valley, MN, US Gaelic Storm at Weesner Amphitheater, Minnesota Zoo
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