New Releases For July 10, 2012

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
Kissed By The Sun

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - Kissed By The Sun

Powerhouse follow-up to Gabriel's 2010 award-winning album, which features guests such as Chuck Loeb, Brian Bromberg, Jeff Lorber, Rob Tardik, Walle Larsson, and Rock Hendricks (of Paul Hardcastle Band). Extremely funky and passionate. Includes a cover of the iconic Chet Baker/Bob James hit 'Funk In Deep Freeze.'

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  1. 1. King James (Featuring Rock Hendricks)
  2. 2. Lock It Up (Featuring Walle Larsson)
  3. 3. Kindness
  4. 4. Funk In Deep Freeze (Featuring Chuck Loeb & Brian Bromberg)
  5. 5. Unreal Blues
  6. 6. Kissed By The Sun
  7. 7. It's Real (Featuring Rob Tardik)
  8. 8. Starpixie
  9. 9. Ready When You Are
  10. 10. No One Like You