New Releases For October 19, 2018

dialogue iii

Fufanu - dialogue iii

Named “Iceland’s most exciting young band” by Pitchfork after the release of their celebrated sophomore LP Sports last year, enigmatic trio Fufanu have been releasing a series of EPs throughout 2018 – each one an exercise in exploring their multiple sonic personalities, from motorik and post-punk to alt-techno, to woozy avant-garde electronica. Out now, the third in the series, dialogue iii.

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"One Too Many"


  1. 1. Crystal & Gold
  2. 2. Labels
  3. 3. One Too Many

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 04
    Copenhagen, Denmark Fufanu at DR Koncerthuset, Studie 3
  • May 05
    Berlin, Germany Fufanu at Urban Spree
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