New Releases For May 21, 2013

Freddy Cole
This And That

Freddy Cole - This And That

If you ever wonder what jazz will sound like after the modernist and post-modernist agendas fall out of fashion then you need look no further than the recordings of Freddy Cole. When Freddy sings, we are left with the music itself, with songs true to their own emotional prerogatives.

Such is the case with Cole's latest HighNote Recording, featuring songs which run the gamut from the intensely personal 'What Color Is Love' to the extroverted 'Bang Bang Boogie.' With his usual rhythm section with Bootsie Barnes and Josh Brown added, Freddy & Co. let the music speak eloquently for itself.

TAGS: Jazz | Jazz Vocals

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"I Saw Stars"


  1. 1. I Saw Stars
  2. 2. You And Me Against The World
  3. 3. Everybody's Talkin'
  4. 4. Never, Never, Never
  5. 5. Medley: Where Are You? / It Was So Good While It Lasted
  6. 6. Who (Will Take My Place)?
  7. 7. Nothin's Wrong with Nothin'
  8. 8. What Color Is Love?
  9. 9. Bang Bang Boogie
  10. 10. I Get Sentimental Over Nothing
  11. 11. Sometimes I'm Happy
  12. 12. For The Love Of You