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Fred Hersch And Julian Lage
Free Flying

Fred Hersch And Julian Lage - Free Flying

Five-time Grammy nominated pianist and composer, Fred Hersch, has been called 'a master who plays it his way' by The New York Times.

Guitar prodigy and Grammy nominee, Julian Lage, has performed with musical giants including Gary Burton and Jim Hall since his teen years.

When the duo met in 2011 and played together for the first time, the response was overwhelming. Their debut CD Free Flying documents the extraordinary empathy and range of these virtuoso players.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Down Home"


  1. 1. Song Without Words #4: Duet
  2. 2. Down Home
  3. 3. Heartland
  4. 4. Free Flying
  5. 5. Beatrice
  6. 6. Song Without Words #3: Tango
  7. 7. Steathiness
  8. 8. Gravity's Pull
  9. 9. Monk's Dream