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No Way Down (DVD)

Freakhouse - No Way Down (DVD)

Freakhouse's hybrid vision is poised to capture the ear of the modern rock world.

Fans of Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, and Nickelback will also love Freakhouse.

Metal Edge dubbed them "The Band That Re-Defined Hard Rock." and Dell Computers literally wore out the single 'Liars Inc,' which is on all new Dell Computers worldwide. Their music is also heard on almost every UFC Program, reaching millions of listeners.

The No Way Down DVD includes ALL of their songs plus bonus tracks on a companion CD.

Freakhouse is ready to Rock for Christmas 2009.


  1. Living The Lie
  2. Dead On The Inside
  3. Stitches
  4. Cold
  5. No Way Down
  6. Pushing Away
  7. Dream
  8. Submit
  9. Listen To The Voice
  10. Disconnected
  11. Plowed
  12. Disconnected
  13. Beautiful Misery
  14. Man or Machine
  15. Peel Away The Skin
  16. Cleansing
  17. Love Hates Me
  18. Liars Inc.
  19. Valium
  20. Senseless