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Frank Unzueta
Thoughts Revealed

Frank Unzueta - Thoughts Revealed

From the beautiful ballad 'The Me You Created' to the Scott Joplin-influenced 'Happy Toes Rag' and the Latin rhythms of 'Elisa's Dream,' each track is infused with personal story and diverse style inspirations that cross both era and geographic boundaries.

'Unzueta's work is a firm reminder that jazz is still and will forever be able to captivate.'
- Patrick Hickey, Jr. (

'Frank's music is a staple for the airwaves'
- Christine Brodie (KTWV - The Wave)

'I am definitely a fan' - David Benoit

'Thoughts Revealed is a great record'
- Chad Fox (KSDS FM - Jazz 88.3)

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"Happy Toes Rag"


  1. 1. Angel Girl
  2. 2. Happy Toes Rag
  3. 3. The Me You Created
  4. 4. Elisa's Dream
  5. 5. It Means Nothing... It Means Everything
  6. 6. Anything For You (For Cathy)
  7. 7. Madrid
  8. 8. The Apostle
  9. 9. Love Me When Winter Comes