New Releases For July 20, 2010

Francis and the Lights
It'll Be Better

Francis and the Lights - It'll Be Better

Making inspired electro pop, the NYC based Francis and the Lights demonstrate influences of funk, soul, 80s pop, and new wave electronica. Comparisons to Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins are immediate, and it isn't hard to imagine Patrick Bateman dancing about his posh apartment to the band's peppy percussion and funky synths. Though the band has a soul driven, jazzy yet poppy sound, they have also been recently championed by several hip hop artists such as Ryan Leslie, Drake and even hip hop veteran, Kanye West.

The new album, It'll Be Better, is a drive through romantic heartbreak. The tracks vary in sound and style but the simple rhythms, 80s keys, and impressive vocals stay consistently solid.

TAGS: Indie Rock | Pop

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"Darling, It's Alright"


  1. 1. It'll Be Better
  2. 2. In A Limousine
  3. 3. For Days
  4. 4. Knees To The Floor
  5. 5. Darling, It's Alright
  6. 6. Going Out
  7. 7. Tap The Phone
  8. 8. Get In The Car