New Releases For August 27, 2013

Foy Vance
Joy Of Nothing

Foy Vance - Joy Of Nothing

Joy of Nothing is a record that makes love feel like the most alive and powerful force in the world. It presents a collection of 10 stories that show - with rousing, tear-the-sky-out-of-the-ceiling and all of the bodies out of the ground passion and equally impassioned tenderness - how everyone chooses their own verses.

They often find their ways to tragic ends, but Vance reminds us constantly that we reap what we sow and sometimes we're reaping very little. He presents the sadness that we find in our coffers as something valuable, as something that shouldn't be dismissed as failure.

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"Closed Hand, Full Of Friends"


  1. 1. Closed Hand, Full Of Friends
  2. 2. Joy Of Nothing
  3. 3. At Least My Heart Was Open
  4. 4. You And I
  5. 5. Feel For Me
  6. 6. Janey
  7. 7. Paper Prince
  8. 8. It Was Good
  9. 9. Regarding Your Lover
  10. 10. Guiding Light