New Releases For February 4, 2014

For Today
Fight For Silence

For Today - Fight For Silence

For Today returns with a strong social message on their new album, Fight The Silence. On its first single of the same name, the album helps to shine a light on the issue of human trafficking; an issue that re-introduces the band at their most personal and perhaps most passionate.

As they continue to grow, For Today have logged over 1,000 shows on 5 continents and have cumulatively sold over 150,000 albums in North America to date.

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"Fight The Silence"


  1. 1. Molotov
  2. 2. Fight The Silence
  3. 3. Pariah
  4. 4. Reflections
  5. 5. Break The Cycle
  6. 6. A Call To Arms
  7. 7. For The Fallen
  8. 8. Fatherless
  9. 9. Dead To Rights
  10. 10. One Voice
  11. 11. Resonate
  12. 12. Hated By The World

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