New Releases For August 25, 2017

For The Win
Heavy Thoughts

For The Win - Heavy Thoughts

“One to add to the pop-punk collection. Into pop-punk, hardcore and bands who blend the two together? For The Win are for you.” – RockSound

“Raw energy and catchy hooks, this is sure to stick in your head in an instant.” – Alternative Press

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"All Or Nothing"


  1. 1. Us Versus Them
  2. 2. G Series
  3. 3. All Or Nothing
  4. 4. The Weight Of The World
  5. 5. Nowhere To Run
  6. 6. Dancing Shoes
  7. 7. How Can I (Get You Back To You)
  8. 8. Heavy Thoughts
  9. 9. Crash And Burn
  10. 10. Until The End Of Time