New Releases For September 16, 2014

Between The Stars

Flyleaf - Between The Stars

Flyleaf's fourth album Between The Stars is out now. It was produced by Don Gilmore [Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Avril Lavigne]. 'Set Me On Fire,' their first single, is making its way up the charts.

Flyleaf began over a decade ago with their self-titled debut platinum album that yielded the hit 'All Around Me,' selling over one million digital downloads.

The record spent 133 weeks in the Billboard Top 200, Top 15 on the Rock Albums & Alternative Albums charts. Its follow-up, Memento Mori, went Top 10 on the Billboard Top 200.


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"Set Me On Fire"


  1. 1. Set Me On Fire
  2. 2. Magnetic
  3. 3. Traitor
  4. 4. Platonic
  5. 5. Head Underwater
  6. 6. Sober Serenade
  7. 7. Thread
  8. 8. Marionette
  9. 9. Well Of Lies
  10. 10. City Kids
  11. 11. Blue Roses
  12. 12. Home

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