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Flogging Molly
Life Is Good

Flogging Molly - Life Is Good

The social and political awareness that drives Flogging Molly’s music is never more prominent than in their upcoming new release Life Is Good - a strikingly powerful album and it arrives at a strikingly key time. The sixth studio album by the renowned Celtic-punk rockers now in their 20th year is mature, well crafted, equally polished and almost aggressively topical. It is filled with rousing songs that are timeless in their sentiment, but directly related to today’s most pressing concerns: Politics, the economy, unemployment, planned boomtowns gone bust, immigration policies gone awry, and much more.

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"Life Is Good"


  1. 1. There's Nothing Left, Pt. 1
  2. 2. The Hand Of John L. Sullivan
  3. 3. Welcome To Adamstown
  4. 4. Reptiles (We Woke Up)
  5. 5. The Days We've Yet To Meet
  6. 6. Life Is Good
  7. 7. The Last Serenade (Sailors And Fishermen)
  8. 8. The Guns Of Jericho
  9. 9. Crushed (Hostile Nations)
  10. 10. Hope
  11. 11. The Bride Wore Black
  12. 12. Until We Meet Again

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jan 17
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg Flogging Molly at Den Atelier
  • Jan 18
    Cologne, Germany Flogging Molly at Palladium
  • Jan 20
    Bremen, Germany Flogging Molly at Schlachthof
  • Jan 20
    Wiesbaden, Germany Flogging Molly at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
  • Jan 21
    Geneva, Switzerland Flogging Molly at L'Usine
  • Jan 22
    Zürich, Switzerland Flogging Molly at Volkshaus
  • Jan 24
    Barcelona, Spain Flogging Molly at Razzmatazz
  • Jan 25
    Madrid, Spain Flogging Molly at Sala But
  • Jan 26
    Bilbao, Spain Flogging Molly at Santana 27
  • Jan 27
    Lyon, France Flogging Molly at Salle de Kao, Ninkasi
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