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Floating Action
Body Questions

Floating Action - Body Questions

Body Questions, Seth Kauffman's sixth album, invites the masses into the world of Floating Action, the untethered universe he creates and inhabits as a songwriter. It is a space in which Kauffman is compelled to challenge the limits of composition and handle everything from writing all the songs, playing every instrument and self-producing.

He recorded the album in his studio in Black Mountain, North Carolina, that from 1933 to 1956 was home to Black Mountain College, which, with its rare creative energy and experimental education, attracted some of the world's most incendiary minds such as John Cage, Buckminster Fuller and Albert Einstein.

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  1. 1. Taking Me A Little While
  2. 2. Unrevenged
  3. 3. No Surprise There
  4. 4. House Of Secrets
  5. 5. Earth-Shackles
  6. 6. Don't Wake Me
  7. 7. Hide Away Too Long
  8. 8. Long Dark Shadow
  9. 9. Call Out
  10. 10. Body Questions
  11. 11. Couldn't Be Yourself
  12. 12. Fang & Furr