New Releases For March 12, 2013

Fit For A King
Creation / Destruction

Fit For A King - Creation / Destruction

Tyler, Texas based newcomers Fit For A King just might represent how that metaphor applies to a band. By forging ahead on their own path, making music well beyond their years, making it from the heart, and laying waste to their peers in the process, Fit For A King have created a thing to marvel at - an impressive release Creation/Destruction.

TAGS: Christian | Metal

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"Hollow King (Sound Of The End)"


  1. 1. Creation
  2. 2. Warpath
  3. 3. Hollow King (Sound Of The End)
  4. 4. Broken Fame
  5. 5. Bitter End
  6. 6. Skin & Bones
  7. 7. The Resistance
  8. 8. Identity
  9. 9. The Lioness
  10. 10. Eyes To See
  11. 11. Destruction

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 26
    Meerhout, Belgium Groezrock 2019
  • Oct 12
    Barcelona, Spain As I Lay Dying with Chelsea Grin, Unearth, and Fit for a King at Sala Apolo
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