New Releases For July 15, 2014

Hard Believer

Fink - Hard Believer

Hard Believer is the eagerly-awaited new studio album from Fink: Fin Greenall (vocals/guitar), together with Tim Thornton (drums/guitar) and Guy Whittaker (bass). It will be their first release on the R'COUP'D imprint, a label newly created by Greenall with the backing of the Ninja Tune team.

The term 'Hard Believer' comes from deep-south Americana; it means somebody who is difficult to persuade, who requires proof. In truth, all anyone has to do here is listen to the powerful collection of songs on Hard Believer. The belief will surely follow.

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"Looking Too Closely"


  1. 1. Hard Believer
  2. 2. Green And The Blue
  3. 3. White Flag
  4. 4. Pilgrim
  5. 5. Two Days Later
  6. 6. Shakespeare
  7. 7. Truth Begins
  8. 8. Looking Too Closely
  9. 9. Too Late
  10. 10. Keep Falling

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