New Releases For July 23, 2013

Fight Or Flight
A Life By Design?

Fight Or Flight - A Life By Design?

Dan Donegan, guitarist for multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated hard rock band Disturbed, unveils his new project, Fight or Flight and their debut album, A Life By Design?

The result is a collection of hypnotic and hard-hitting songs fortified by Donegan's trademark riffing and Chandler's melodic sensibility. Ra's Sean Corcoran on bass and backing vocals, and Jeremy Jayson on guitar and backing vocals complete Fight or Flight's lineup.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"First Of The Last"


  1. 1. First Of The Last
  2. 2. Emphatic
  3. 3. It's Over
  4. 4. Eraser
  5. 5. Leaving
  6. 6. If It Hurts
  7. 7. You Refuse
  8. 8. The Average
  9. 9. Take A Shot
  10. 10. A Void
  11. 11. Shine
  12. 12. Tragedy