New Releases For June 5, 2012

Fear Factory
The Industrialist

Fear Factory - The Industrialist

The Industrialist is a vital chapter in the history of one of the most over-achieving bands in heavy music history. It is Fear Factory at its most confident and passionate; the band bringing every sonic weapon in its arsenal to the fore. The Industrialist will without doubt carve itself a spot on the short list of best metal albums of 2012.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. The Industrialist
  2. 2. Recharger
  3. 3. New Messiah
  4. 4. God Eater
  5. 5. Depraved Mind Murder
  6. 6. Virus Of Faith
  7. 7. Difference Engine
  8. 8. Disassemble
  9. 9. Religion Is Flawed Because...
  10. 10. Human Augmentation

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