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Fatboy Slim
Big Beach Bootique 5

Fatboy Slim - Big Beach Bootique 5

The mega-gig Fatboy Slim announced at Brighton's Falmer Stadium is special. 'I was involved with the fight to get Falmer built - I took a petition to Downing Street, I went on the marches - so it's a celebration of Brighton, it's a celebration of getting the stadium, it's celebration of my links with the Albion, it's the icing on the cake for all of us.'

But it's just one in a litany of amazing-sounding shows that Cook has played, a faintly deranged global journey stopping at all points from the Big Brother house in Brazil to the Great Wall Of China.

TAGS: Electronic | Live

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"Get Naked (Fatboy Slim vs Futuristic Polar Bears Remix)"


  1. 1. Right Here Right Now
  2. 2. Praise You
  3. 3. Clubs
  4. 4. Who Is Ready To Jump?
  5. 5. Where's Your Head At?
  6. 6. L'Amour / The Bass Kick In Miami, Bitch
  7. 7. Surra de Bunda (Sidney Samson Remix)
  8. 8. Up / Right Here, Right Now
  9. 9. Get Naked (Fatboy Slim vs Futuristic Polar Bears Remix)
  10. 10. Traction
  11. 11. Reflux
  12. 12. Kendo
  13. 13. Build It Up
  14. 14. Strings Of Life (Supernova Remix)
  15. 15. Star 69
  16. 16. Wake Up Call
  17. 17. Take Control / Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
  18. 18. Noise (Robbie Rivera Mix)
  19. 19. Praise You

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 22
    Gothenburg, Sweden Fatboy Slim at Trädgårn
  • Nov 23
    Malmö, Sweden Fatboy Slim at Moriskan
  • Nov 24
    Stockholm, Sweden Fatboy Slim at Lastkajen
  • Dec 21
    Manchester, UK Fatboy Slim at Mayfield Depot
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