New Releases For May 25, 2010

At Night We Live

Far - At Night We Live

Far's At Night We Live is a powerful record that is sure to please old fans, while letting newbies know what they've missed for the last ten years. The album is loaded with huge, massive rock riffs, and soaring choruses.

The band found itself back in the public eye last year, as their just-for-fun cover version of the song 'Pony' (originally recorded by Ginuwine) started making its way onto the airwaves of some of America's biggest alternative radio stations. And although that song may have brought the band's name back, by no means should the band's reunion be taken lightly.

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  1. 1. Deafening
  2. 2. If You Cared Enough
  3. 3. When I Could See
  4. 4. Give Me A Reason
  5. 5. Dear Enemy
  6. 6. Fight Song #16,233,241
  7. 7. At Night We Live
  8. 8. Burns
  9. 9. Better Surrender
  10. 10. Are You Sure?
  11. 11. The Ghost That Kept on Haunting