New Releases For January 22, 2013

Fall City Fall

Fall City Fall - Victus

Fall City Fall are the next wave of disenfranchised and innately talented youth to emerge with a delightfully belligerent fusion of metal and hardcore. Victus is a 28-minute concentrated ambush of churning, dizzyingly ballistic songs.

Their Victory Records debut sinks its teeth in deep and doesn't let go until the very end. With the unveiling of Victus and backed by their jaw-dropping performances, Fall City Fall pushes boundaries, expands horizons, and leaves fans with a lasting impression to be felt for years to come.

TAGS: Hardcore | Metal

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  1. 1. St. James
  2. 2. Dissentipede
  3. 3. Anxiety Attack
  4. 4. Bitter To The End
  5. 5. Lovebirds
  6. 6. Many Masters
  7. 7. Many Lives
  8. 8. Shallow Believer
  9. 9. Dead Saints
  10. 10. Taken
  11. 11. Victus