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Faith No More
Album Of The Year (Reissue)

Faith No More - Album Of The Year (Reissue)

Album Of The Year is available now on double-disc and vinyl deluxe editions featuring newly remastered sound and a selection of rarities. Album Of The Year’s eight bonus tracks include live versions of the album track “Collision,” and the Burt Bacharach and Hal David classic, “This Guy’s In Love With You,” plus rare mixes of “Last Cup Of Sorrow,” “Pristina” and more.

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"Last Cup Of Sorrow"


  1. DISC ONE: Album Of The Year
  2. 1. Collision
  3. 2. Stripsearch
  4. 3. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  5. 4. Naked In Front Of The Computer
  6. 5. Helpless
  7. 6. Mouth To Mouth
  8. 7. Ashes To Ashes
  9. 8. She Loves Me Not
  10. 9. Got That Feeling
  11. 10. Paths Of Glory
  12. 11. Home Sick Home
  13. 12. Pristina
  14. DISC TWO: Bonus Tracks
  15. 13. Pristine (Billy Gould Mix)
  16. 14. Last Cup Of Sorrow (Roli Mosimann Mix)
  17. 15. She Loves Me Not (Spinna Main Mix)
  18. 16. Ashes To Ashes (Hard Knox Alt. Mix)
  19. 17. Light Up And Let Go
  20. 18. The Big Kahuna
  21. 19. This Guy's In Love With You
  22. 20. Collision (Live)

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