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Ezra Furman
Perpetual Motion People

Ezra Furman - Perpetual Motion People

If Ezra Furman’s recent single “Restless Year” and its stop-motion video wasn’t proof enough of his brilliance, Perpetual Motion People, his first album for Bella Union delivers a cascade of memorably bristling hooks driven by a unique splicing of timeless influences, delivered with a restless urgency and combative spirit that shines through the American’s vocals and lyrics. Having taken his time to work his way into the public consciousness, Furman’s time is unquestionably now, as he finally faces an expectant audience hungry for the next stage of his thrilling approach, on record and on stage.

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"Restless Year"


  1. 1. Restless Year
  2. 2. Lousy Connection
  3. 3. Hark! To The Music
  4. 4. Haunted Head
  5. 5. Hour Of Deepest Need
  6. 6. Wobbly
  7. 7. Ordinary Life
  8. 8. Tip Of A Match
  9. 9. Body Was Made
  10. 10. Watch You Go By
  11. 11. Pot Holes
  12. 12. Can I Sleep In Your Brain
  13. 13. One Day I Will Sin No More

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 21
    Lille, France Ezra Furman at L'AĆ©ronef
  • Apr 21
    Bourges, France Le Printemps de Bourges 2020
  • Apr 22
    Paris, France Ezra Furman at Cabaret Sauvage
  • Apr 25
    Bologna, Italy Ezra Furman at Covo Club
  • Apr 26
    Munich, Germany Ezra Furman at Strom
  • Apr 27
    Frankfurt, Germany Ezra Furman at Zoom
  • Apr 28
    Prague, Czech Republic Ezra Furman at Roxy
  • Apr 29
    Vienna, Austria Ezra Furman at Vienna Arena / Arena Wien
  • Apr 30
    Graz, Austria Ezra Furman at Postgarage
  • May 02
    Leeds, UK Live At Leeds 2020
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