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Eyes Set To Kill

Eyes Set To Kill - Masks

Eyes Set To Kill uncovered their identity within Masks, their fifth full-length album and first for Century Media. Now, with the masks off, Eyes Set To Kill stand primed to be heard louder than ever before.

'I feel like we've been working towards this record for our whole career,' concludes Alexia. 'There were times I was almost going to give up. I'm glad I didn't. I'd love for this music to inspire everyone to keep going. It's always worth it to hold on to your dreams.'

TAGS: Metal | Metalcore

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  1. 1. Masks
  2. 2. Killing In Your Name
  3. 3. The Lost And Forgotten
  4. 4. Where I Want To Be
  5. 5. True Colors
  6. 6. Surface
  7. 7. Little Liar
  8. 8. Nothing Left To Say
  9. 9. The New Plague
  10. 10. Infected
  11. 11. Secrets Between
  12. 12. Haze
  13. 13. Forbidden Line

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