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Every Time I Die
Low Teens

Every Time I Die - Low Teens

Low Teens is Every Time I Die’s most poignant and impassioned album in a career full of sardonic illuminations and pit-inciting fervor. The icy backdrop of their hometown Buffalo, NY underscores a winter of dramatic change for the band. Change that began with frontman Keith Buckley exiting the band’s Dec 2015 tour early to race home to his wife’s hospital bedside, where she was facing life-threatening pregnancy complications. Both wife and daughter survived, but the moment of crisis had a lasting impact on Buckley and an inevitable role in shaping the lyrical scope of Low Teens.

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"The Coin Has A Say"


  1. 1. Fear And Trembling
  2. 2. Glitches
  3. 3. C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)
  4. 4. Two Summers
  5. 5. Awful Lot
  6. 6. I Didn't Want To Join Your Stupid Cult Anyway
  7. 7. It Remembers
  8. 8. Petal
  9. 9. The Coin Has A Say
  10. 10. Religion Of Speed
  11. 11. Just As Real But Not As Brightly Lit
  12. 12. 1977
  13. 13. Map Change

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 19
    Sydney, NSW, Australia Parkway Drive with Hatebreed and Every Time I Die at Qudos Bank Arena
  • Jun 24
    Mt Claremont, WA, Australia Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, and Every Time I Die at HBF Stadium
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