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On Approach

Everest - On Approach

On Approach is a bold album that bolts out of the gate with an enveloping sound capable of filling large spaces, both in the outside world and between one's ears. In broad strokes, it hits the sweet spot between stratospheric, stadium size rock and gorgeous, emotionally charged pop craftsmanship. From the infectious opener 'Let Go,' through heavy rocker, 'I've Had This Feeling Before,' the sweet humming, 'Keeping The Score,' the naked romance of 'Dots,' the haunting, spacious roots rock of 'East Illinois' and 'Fallen Feather' and culminating in the boiling over cascade of 'Catalyst,' On Approach moves with a focused, switched-on intensity that announces the arrival of one of the most engaged rock units today.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 11, 2010 ON Vapor/Warner Bros.


  1. 1. Let Go
  2. 2. I've Had This Feeling Before
  3. 3. Keeping The Score
  4. 4. Dots
  5. 5. Unfortunate Sea
  6. 6. East Illinois
  7. 7. Fallen Feather
  8. 8. House Of 9's
  9. 9. Tall Buildings
  10. 10. The Rush
  11. 11. Catalyst