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Invisible Stars

Everclear - Invisible Stars

Multi-platinum band Everclear return with their eighth new album and their first in six years, Invisible Stars. The album boasts twelve exciting new tracks, from album opener 'Tiger In A Burning Tree,' to 'Be Careful What You Ask For,' to 'Santa Ana Wind,' through to the end with 'Promenade.'

Invisible Stars is a thematic collection of songs from the perspective of someone who has ridden the rollercoaster and has gotten back in line. Everclear, like its charismatic front man Art Alexakis, has grown up a bit at the same time.

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"Be Careful What You Ask For"


  1. 1. Tiger In A Burning Tree
  2. 2. Falling In A Good Way
  3. 3. Be Careful What You Ask For
  4. 4. Volcano
  5. 5. Santa Ana Wind
  6. 6. Wishing
  7. 7. I Am Better Without You
  8. 8. Aces
  9. 9. Jackie Robinson
  10. 10. The Golden Rule
  11. 11. Rocket For The Girl
  12. 12. Promenade

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 21
    Lancaster, PA, US Everclear at American Music Theatre
  • Jun 22
    Schenectady, NY, US Everclear at Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady
  • Jul 03
    Hays, KS, US Wild West Festival 2019
  • Jul 13
    Pleasantville, NY, US Pleasantville Music Festival 2019
  • Jul 20
    Middletown, OH, US Everclear and The Verve Pipe at Land of Illusion Adventure Park
  • Jul 27
    Derry, NH, US Everclear at Tupelo Music Hall
  • Aug 01
    Kalamazoo, MI, US Kalamazoo Rib Fest 2019
  • Aug 03
    Council Bluffs, IA, US The River's Edge Taco Fest 2019
  • Aug 17
    San Diego, CA, US San Diego Margarita Fest 2019
  • Aug 31
    Maryland Heights, MO, US Wayback Pointfest: Presented By 105.7 The Point 2019
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