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Black Is The New Black

Everclear - Black Is The New Black

Bombastic, hard-driving, generation-spanning rock n’ roll with instantly memorable, sharp-as-hell hooks propel Everclear’s new studio album, Black Is The New Black. Muscular but melodic, this is the sound of a band driven and united by singular, intense purpose. At an average of three-minutes each, the songs rip forward with palpable swagger, supercharged by a mix of autobiographical exorcism and narrative storytelling, from the gut and throat of Everclear’s singer, guitarist, co-founder and songwriter - Art Alexakis. Black Is The New Black is a diverse and timeless sounding collection, without ballads and without nostalgia. This is a heavy guitar record.

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"The Man Who Broke His Own Heart"


  1. 1. Sugar Noise
  2. 2. The Man Who Broke His Own Heart
  3. 3. American Monster
  4. 4. Complacent
  5. 5. You
  6. 6. This Is Your Death Song
  7. 7. Simple And Plain
  8. 8. Anything Is Better Than This
  9. 9. Van Gogh Sun
  10. 10. Pretty Bomb
  11. 11. Safe

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 13
    Charlotte, NC, US Everclear at Unknown venue
  • Apr 24
    Washington, PA, US Everclear at The Meadows Racetrack & Casino
  • Apr 26
    Washington, PA, US Everclear at The Meadows Racetrack & Casino
  • May 02
    Portland, OR, US Everclear at McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom
  • May 03
    Redondo Beach, CA, US Beachlife Fest 2019
  • May 03
    Everett, WA, US Everclear at Historic Everett Theatre
  • May 07
    San Francisco, CA, US Everclear at Slim's
  • May 08
    Sacramento, CA, US Everclear at Ace of Spades
  • May 09
    Pasadena, CA, US Everclear at The Rose
  • May 10
    Agoura Hills, CA, US Everclear at Canyon Club
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