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Eths - Ankaa

French metal superstars Eths rise again as a revitalized force with new vocalist Rachel Aspe and the bold new album Ankaa. The new album delivers heightened aggression propelled by crushing riffs and menacing breakdowns amidst the ambitious arrangements that are Eths' calling card. Above it all, Aspe leads the charge with a frantic performance spanning brutal screams, enchanting siren calls, and every facet in between. Ankaa is Eths at their most imposing and its frenzied onslaught ensures that they will not be ignored.

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"Nihil Sine Causa"


  1. 1. Nefas
  2. 2. Nihil Sine Causa
  3. 3. Amaterasu
  4. 4. Seditio
  5. 5. Nixi Dii
  6. 6. Vae Victis
  7. 7. HAR1
  8. 8. Sekhet Aaru
  9. 9. Kumari Kandam
  10. 10. Alnitak
  11. 11. Alnilam
  12. 12. Mintaka