New Releases For August 7, 2015

Eszter Balint
Airless Midnight

Eszter Balint - Airless Midnight

Airless Midnight is Eszter Balint’s most confident effort to date, with artful and sophisticated songs with lyrics that support strong, mysterious, narratives for a decisive cinematic feel. It features three of New York's most distinguished and original guitarists: Chris Cochrane (John Zorn) Dave Schramm (The Schramms, Yo La Tengo) and Marc Ribot. The band is rounded out by drummer Brian Wilson (Johnny Dowd, Neko Case), bassist JD Foster, and Sam Phillips on vocal harmonies. Eszter sings and plays guitar, violin, melodica, mandolin, random sounds.

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"The Mother"


  1. 1. The Mother
  2. 2. Let’s Tonight It
  3. 3. Departure Song
  4. 4. Calls At 3am
  5. 5. Long Gone (This Is War)
  6. 6. All You Need
  7. 7. Trouble You Don’t See
  8. 8. Exit At 63
  9. 9. Silence (After the Phonecall)
  10. 10. Lullaby For Tonight, Lullaby For No One