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Erin Costelo
Sweet Marie

Erin Costelo - Sweet Marie

Erin Costelo is a throwback, a songwriter that brings to mind the golden age of music, and Sweet Marie is her 5th full length album. Pulsing with a confident and cathartic energy, her incredible voice, drawing comparisons to such icons as Nina Simone and Carole King, soars even as her songs dive deep. Although she wears many influences on her sleeve, Costelo is unquestionably herself, a singular artist of maturity and importance, a maverick, unfettered by trend, fashion or industry “pathway.”

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"All In Your Head"


  1. 1. Introducing Sweet Marie
  2. 2. Lights Down Low
  3. 3. All In Your Head
  4. 4. Hands On Fire
  5. 5. Topic Of Notes
  6. 6. Shadow
  7. 7. The Sign
  8. 8. My Love
  9. 9. Epilogue
  10. 10. I’ll Be Home

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 09
    Hamburg, Germany Erin Costelo at Birdland
  • Oct 15
    Dresden, Germany Erin Costelo at OstPol
  • Oct 16
    Berlin, Germany Erin Costelo at Ufafabrik Varieté Salon
  • Nov 21
    Amen, Netherlands Erin Costelo at Cafe De Amer
  • Nov 27
    Bakkeveen, Netherlands Erin Costelo at Muziekpodium Bakkeveen De Slotplaats
  • Nov 29
    Zuid-Beijerland, Netherlands Erin Costelo at Herberg Tiengemeten
  • Oct 13
    Leipzig, Germany Erin Costelo at Horns Erben
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