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Eric Bibb
Me To You

Eric Bibb - Me To You

Originally released in 1997, Eric Bibb's Me To You album was seen as a major stepping stone in the New York born bluesters career. After many years of hard work releasing albums and a near constant touring schedule, Me To You finally and deservedly gave Bibb the recognition that he truly deserved.

For the release Bibb gathered together some of his personal heroes, including Pops and Mavis Staples, and Taj Mahal to contribute. The results proved to be one of Bibb's most popular and best-selling albums. Long deleted, the album is now available once again with new artwork and packaging.

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"Sing Your Song"


  1. 1. Keep My Cool
  2. 2. Sing Your Song
  3. 3. Catch Up To Your Heart
  4. 4. Between A Woman An'a Man
  5. 5. Talk To Me
  6. 6. You're The One
  7. 7. Something Much Greater
  8. 8. Strong Love
  9. 9. Looking Through The Window
  10. 10. Gonna Walk This Road
  11. 11. A Better Man
  12. 12. I Need A Vacation
  13. 13. I'll Be Your Car
  14. 14. Me To You

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jan 11
    Paris, France Eric Bibb at Théâtre Traversière
  • Mar 09
    Le Thor, France Eric Bibb at Auditorium Jean Moulin
  • Mar 12
    Nantes, France Eric Bibb at Salle Paul Fort
  • Mar 15
    Massy, France Eric Bibb at Centre Culturel Paul Bailliart
  • Aug 16
    Barcelona, Spain Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea 2019
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