New Releases For September 23, 2014

The Violet Flame

Erasure - The Violet Flame

As Erasure approach 30 years of songwriting next year, having sold 25 million albums and achieved more than 40 hit singles - with their 16th studio album, The Violet Flame, the globally-adored duo of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke have created another stunning success of emotionally-charged electro-pop with euphoric, synth-fuelled melodies that strike instantly into the heart.

The theme of transformation and new beginnings is captured in the album's title, The Violet Flame, a literal spiritual term meaning the transformation of negative energy into positive energy, freedom and forgiveness.


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  1. 1. Dead Of Night
  2. 2. Elevation
  3. 3. Reason
  4. 4. Promises
  5. 5. Be The One
  6. 6. Sacred
  7. 7. Under The Wave
  8. 8. Smoke and Mirrors
  9. 9. Paradise
  10. 10. Stayed A Little Late Tonight

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