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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias - Euphoria

Euphoria is Enrique's ninth studio release and marks the first time in his stellar career that he's made a bilingual record. He calls it his most eclectic, surprising and exciting project to date. 'It's so different from what I've done in the past - every single song is like a different world' says the 34-year-old Spanish singer-guitarist. Euphoria also features guest artists Usher, Akon, Pitbull, Nicole Scherzinger and Juan Luis Guerra, among others.

TAGS: Club/Dance | Latin | Pop | R&B


  1. 1. Cuando Me Enamoro
  2. 2. No Me Digas Que No
  3. 3. Ayer
  4. 4. Dile Que
  5. 5. I Like It
  6. 6. One Day At a Time
  7. 7. Heartbeat
  8. 8. Dirty Dancer
  9. 9. Tu Y Yo
  10. 10. No Me Digas Que No