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Emily Jane White
Victorian America

Emily Jane White - Victorian America

Emily Jane White's sophomore release, Victorian America is the exciting follow up to her 2007 beloved collection of beautiful, shadowy tunes, Dark Undercoat.

Her music has been hailed by Rolling Stone, Spin, NPR, Pitchfork and Paste among others. Considered a leader the dark-folk movement both in Europe and in the U.S., her haunting voice and guitar are distinctly accompanied by cello, violin and percussion combining to form her emotional and unique sound.

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  1. 1. Never Dead
  2. 2. Stairs
  3. 3. Victorian America
  4. 4. The Baby
  5. 5. Frozen Heart
  6. 6. The Country Life
  7. 7. Liza
  8. 8. The Ravens
  9. 9. Red Serpent
  10. 10. Red Dress
  11. 11. A Shot Rang Out
  12. 12. Ghost of a Horse