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Dead In The Boot

Elbow - Dead In The Boot

First talked about around the time of the release of the band's debut album Asleep In The Back, Dead In The Boot brings together B-sides and the odd non-album track from the band's thirteen-year recording career.

Mostly self-produced, recording B-sides throughout the years allowed the band to hone their studio skills, which eventually led Elbow keyboard player Craig Potter to fully produce and mix the band's last two albums. It may be categorized as a B-sides album but Dead In The Boot stands shoulder to shoulder with every other Elbow album released.

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"Whisper Grass (Fallen Angel - V2 Single Release)"


  1. 1. Whisper Grass (Fallen Angel - V2 Single Release)
  2. 2. Lucky With Disease (Newborn - V2 Single Release)
  3. 3. Lay Down Your Cross (Not A Job - V2 CD Single)
  4. 4. The Long War Shuffle (Leaders Of The Free World - V2 CD Single)
  5. 5. Every Bit The Little Girl (One Day Like This - Fiction 7-inch Single)
  6. 6. Love Blown Down (Fugitive Motel - V2 CD Single)
  7. 7. None One (Newborn - Uglyman CD EP)
  8. 8. Lullaby (One Day Like This - Fiction CD Single)
  9. 9. McGreggor (Forget Myself - V2 7-inch Single)
  10. 10. Buffalo Ghosts (Open Arms - Fiction 10-inch Single)
  11. 11. Waving From Windows (Grace Under Pressure - V2 CD Single)
  12. 12. Snowball (From Help - A Day In The Life - Warchild Album Release)
  13. 13. Gentle As (Leaders Of The Free World - V2 7-inch Single)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 23
    Chipping Norton, UK The Big Feastival 2019
  • Aug 23
    Kingham, UK The Big Feastival 2019
  • Aug 25
    Kingham, UK Elbow and The Big Feastival at Alex James' Farm
  • Nov 07
    Milan, Italy Elbow at Alcatraz
  • Nov 08
    Rust, Germany Rolling Stone Park 2019
  • Nov 08
    Zürich, Switzerland Elbow at Komplex 457
  • Nov 10
    Wiesbaden, Germany Elbow at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
  • Nov 12
    Munich, Germany Elbow at TonHalle
  • Nov 13
    Cologne, Germany Elbow at Live Music Hall
  • Nov 14
    Berlin, Germany Elbow at Huxleys Neue Welt
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