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Eilen Jewell
Down Hearted Blues

Eilen Jewell - Down Hearted Blues

Honesty, confidence, and respect permeate Eilen Jewell’s music, dating back to her self-released Boundary County album in 2006. After releasing five albums of critically acclaimed original songs, Jewell is taking a moment to shake hands with the blues. Her new collection of twelve rare, bold blues and R&B covers adds to her potent mix of classic country, folk, and early rock ’n roll-inspired original music. From the barrelhouse power of 1920’s Bessie Smith to the electrified sounds of 1960’s Betty James, blues music has always been a strong influence on the Boise native.

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"It's Your Voodoo Working"


  1. 1. It's Your Voodoo Working
  2. 2. Another Night To Cry
  3. 3. You'll Be Mine
  4. 4. Down Hearted Blues
  5. 5. I'm A Little Mixed Up
  6. 6. You Gonna Miss Me
  7. 7. Walking With Frankie
  8. 8. Nothing In Rambling
  9. 9. Don't Leave Poor Me
  10. 10. Crazy Mixed Up World
  11. 11. You Know My Love
  12. 12. The Poor Girls Story

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 08
    Washington, DC, US Eilen Jewell and Eilen Jewel with Kentucky Avenue at Pearl Street Warehouse
  • Oct 13
    Asheville, NC, US Eilen Jewell with Steve Fulton at Grey Eagle
  • Oct 14
    Atlanta, GA, US Eilen Jewell at City Winery Atlanta
  • Nov 19
    Thornbury, VIC, Australia Eilen Jewell with The Plagiarists at Ballroom, Thornbury Theatre
  • Nov 21
    Castlemaine, VIC, Australia Eilen Jewell with Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats at Theatre Royal
  • Nov 29
    Auckland, New Zealand Eilen Jewell at Tuning Fork, Spark Arena
  • Jul 07
    Cleveland, OH, US Eilen Jewell at Beachland Tavern
  • Jul 15
    New Haven, CT, US Eilen Jewell at Cafe Nine
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