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In Dream

Editors - In Dream

Always a band happy to ignore preconceptions about their sound, skipping from their initial post punk influences to electronic experimentation, stark balladry and back to full on rock, and driven by a desire to create interesting music rather than what is expected of them, In Dream represents yet another shift in Editors creative world, identifiably theirs from the off but unlike much of what has come before. Given the fairytale like shimmering presence of this solitary outpost of civilization in the grandeur of the Scottish countryside it is an album well named in more ways than one.

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"Life Is A Fear"


  1. 1. No Harm
  2. 2. Ocean Of Night
  3. 3. Forgiveness
  4. 4. Salvation
  5. 5. Life Is A Fear
  6. 6. The Law
  7. 7. Our Love
  8. 8. All The Kings
  9. 9. At All Costs
  10. 10. Marching Orders

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 24
    Walton-on-trent, UK Bearded Theory Festival 2019
  • May 25
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds with Ride, The Vaccines, Editors, and 15 more… at This Is Tomorrow, Exhibition Park
  • May 25
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Ride, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, The Vaccines, Editors, and 3 more… at Exhibition Park
  • May 26
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK This Is Tomorrow 2019
  • Jun 07
    Taranto, Italy Medimex 2019
  • Jul 05
    Arras, France Main Square Festival 2019
  • Jul 05
    Beuningen, Netherlands Down the Rabbit Hole 2019
  • Jul 12
    Venice, Italy Home Festival 2019
  • Jul 17
    Bern, Switzerland Gurtenfestival 2019
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