New Releases For September 14, 2010

Eden Brent
Ain't Got No Troubles

Eden Brent - Ain't Got No Troubles

Eclectic pianist Eden Brent injects her gritty, rootsy music with spicy elements of the unmistakable Crescent City sound. She penned eight of the twelve tracks, the most she's written for a single record to date. They exhibit a keen sense of clever wordplay - 'In Love With Your Wallet' invokes the wry observations of fellow Mississippi muse Mose Allison, while the vaudeville throwback 'My Man' is peppered with double entendre. But there's also considerable nuance: the sly tenderness of the intimate 'If I Can't,' the anguish of 'Blues All Over,' and the soulful, heartbreaking ballad 'Leave Me Alone.'

TAGS: Americana | Blues | Jazz | R&B

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"Leave Me Alone"


  1. 1. Someone To Love
  2. 2. Ain't Got No Troubles
  3. 3. Blues All Over
  4. 4. Later Than You Think
  5. 5. Right To Be Wrong
  6. 6. Leave Me Alone
  7. 7. Let's Boogie-Woogie
  8. 8. My Man
  9. 9. Beyond My Broken Dreams
  10. 10. If I Can't
  11. 11. In Love With Your Wallet
  12. 12. Goodnight Moon

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