New Releases For October 30, 2012

Early Graves
Red Horse

Early Graves - Red Horse

San Francisco metal band Early Graves recorded their long awaited album, Red Horse with Tim Green at Louder. On their first album since the tragic death of founding singer Makh Daniels two years ago, Early Graves find a new voice with close friend John Strachan, of the Funeral Pyre, taking over the blood curdling vocal duties. The album features eight face-melting tracks that clock in at just over thirty-two minutes.

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  1. 1. Skinwalker
  2. 2. Misery
  3. 3. Days Grow Cold
  4. 4. Red Horse
  5. 5. Apocalyptic Nights
  6. 6. Death Obsessed
  7. 7. Pure Hell
  8. 8. Quietus