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Pauper's Field

Dylan LeBlanc - Pauper's Field

On Dylan LeBlanc's debut album, Pauper's Field, a lost world is brought to life - both in the carefully sculpted songs and rich well of country soul from which those songs emerge. Despite his age, Dylan's worn yearning voice already has the mark of aged experience. Neither the feel nor sound of the album, nor the haunted ghost summoning songs he has written, can be faked. 'If Time Was For Wasting' seems to be wrenched from the heart of ever-present currents in deep Southern life - where the pull of the past is unavoidable.

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"If Time Was For Wasting"


  1. 1. LOW
  2. 2. If Time Was For Wasting
  3. 3. If The Creek Don't Rise
  4. 4. Tuesday Night Rain
  5. 5. Emma Hartley
  6. 6. Ain't Too Good At Losing
  7. 7. Changing Of The Seasons
  8. 8. 5th Avenue Bar
  9. 9. On With The Night
  10. 10. Coyote Creek
  11. 11. Death Of Outlaw Billy John
  12. 12. No Kind Of Forgiveness

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 01
    Waverly, AL, US Dylan LeBlanc at Standard Deluxe: Little House Concert
  • Jun 08
    Florence, AL, US Dylan LeBlanc at Singin' River Live
  • Jun 12
    East Atlanta, GA, US Dylan LeBlanc at The Earl
  • Jun 13
    Carrboro, NC, US Dylan LeBlanc at Cat's Cradle Back Room
  • Jun 14
    Washington, DC, US Dylan LeBlanc with Erin Rae at Pearl Street Warehouse
  • Jun 15
    Philadelphia, PA, US Dylan LeBlanc at Boot & Saddle
  • Jun 18
    Bethlehem, PA, US Dylan LeBlanc at Fowler Blast Furnace Room at Artsquest Center
  • Jun 19
    Brooklyn, NY, US Dylan LeBlanc with Erin Rae at Rough Trade NYC
  • Jun 20
    Pittsburgh, PA, US Dylan LeBlanc and Erin Rae at Club Café
  • Jun 21
    Detroit, MI, US Dylan LeBlanc with Aubrey Haddard and Erin Rae at El Club
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