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Dwight Twilley

Dwight Twilley - Soundtrack

12 all-new astonishing Dwight Twilley songs.

Dwight Twilley's new studio album Soundtrack is unique and perhaps the most powerful recording of Twilley's career. Mr. Twilley signed on to write and produce the disc to accompany a film documentary about his life, which is now in production. 'Creating this album was a real challenge for me. Something I've never attempted. It's completely autobiographical. For me these songs are like musical photographs of the people, places and events that tell my story,' said Twilley

Special guests on the album include Susan Cowsill and fellow Tulsan, Taylor Hanson.

TAGS: Classic Rock | Pop

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"You Close Your Eyes"


  1. 1. You Close Your Eyes
  2. 2. Bus Ticket
  3. 3. Tulsa Town
  4. 4. Skeleton Man
  5. 5. My Life
  6. 6. God Didn't Do It
  7. 7. Out In The Rain
  8. 8. Soundtrack
  9. 9. The Lonely One
  10. 10. The Cards Will Fall
  11. 11. Good Things Come Hard
  12. 12. The Last Time Around

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