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Dwight Twilley
Green Blimp

Dwight Twilley - Green Blimp

Dwight Twilley is one of the godfathers of power pop, influencing a generation of artists that includes Paul Collins, Peter Case, and Matthew Sweet.

Green Blimp was recorded in 2010 at Dwight Twilley's Big Oak Studio in Tulsa, OK. Special guests on the album, include Bill Pitcock IV (lead guitarist for the Twilley Band), Rocky Burnette and Susan Cowsill.

The album features full keyboards, strings, big distorted guitars, accordions, Latin percussion, and other musical seasonings. The scale of Green Blimp suggests some harder-rocking variant on the classic bigger-is-better production styles of Phil Spector or Brian Wilson, though Twilley's melodic structures still sound quite familiar to a longtime listener.

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"Ten Times"


  1. 1. Get Up
  2. 2. Speed Of Light
  3. 3. Me And Melanie
  4. 4. Let It Rain
  5. 5. Doctor
  6. 6. Green Blimp
  7. 7. You Were Always There
  8. 8. It's Never Coming Back
  9. 9. Stop
  10. 10. Ten Times
  11. 11. Witches In The Sky
  12. 12. It Ends

  14. 13. I'm On A Dream
  15. 14. What Is The Time

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