New Releases For November 17, 2014

Dwight Twilley

Dwight Twilley - Always

Dwight Twilley unveils Always, an album of new songs that sound like classics. The decades of melodic hits like 'I'm on Fire' (1975) and 'Girls' (1984) seem to persist. Even the cover art is totally Twilley.

Add to the mix, stellar guests like Steve Allen, Susan Cowsill, Mitch Easter, Ron Flynt, Tommy Keene, Leland Sklar, Ken Stringfellow and more. While the disc is laced with radio candy like 'A Million Miles Wide,' 'Lovers,' and 'Always,' the album moves in feel and emotion from top to bottom forcing the listener back to the top again. Just like Twilley 'Always' does.


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  1. 1. Always
  2. 2. A Million Miles Wide
  3. 3. Lovers
  4. 4. Into The Flame
  5. 5. Everybody's Crazy
  6. 6. Everyday
  7. 7. 'Til The Jukebox Dies
  8. 8. We Were Scared
  9. 9. Happy Birthday
  10. 10. I See It In Your Eyes
  11. 11. Fools Like Me
  12. 12. Tomorrow

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