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Dustin Kensrue
The Water & The Blood

Dustin Kensrue - The Water & The Blood

Dustin Kensrue, the frontman of the critically acclaimed alternative rock band Thrice, who have sold 1.4 million albums, teams up with Mars Hill Music and BEC Recordings to release his first full length solo album The Water & The Blood. Kensrue, now the Worship Pastor of Mars Hill Church's Bellevue location, presents 11 songs with robust gospel centered lyrics to rally and encourage the church.

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"It's Not Enough"


  1. 1. Rejoice
  2. 2. Rock Of Ages
  3. 3. Suffering Servant
  4. 4. My One Comfort
  5. 5. God Is Good
  6. 6. Grace Alone
  7. 7. The Voice Of The Lord
  8. 8. It's Not Enough
  9. 9. Come Lord Jesus
  10. 10. Oh God
  11. 11. It Is Finished