New Releases For April 17, 2012

The Power Within

Dragonforce - The Power Within

The Power Within is the sound of a refreshed band with a new lease of life. It is DragonForce's most varied outing to date.

Featuring both their fastest songs so far - no mean feat if you're DragonForce! - as well as songs like 'Cry Thunder,' which see the band bringing their sound into a more restrained territory pace-wise without sacrificing intensity or hooks.

Prepare to feel the Force of the Dragon once more.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Cry Thunder"


  1. 1. Holding On
  2. 2. Fallen World
  3. 3. Cry Thunder
  4. 4. Give Me The Night
  5. 5. Wings Of Liberty
  6. 6. Seasons
  7. 7. Heart Of The Storm
  8. 8. Die By The Sword
  9. 9. Last Man Stands
  10. 10. Seasons (Acoustic Version)