New Releases For July 31, 2020

Anthems For An Eternal Battle

Draconis - Anthems For An Eternal Battle

Draconis strikes with an immersively rhythmic assault of raw riffs and relatively technical Argentinian-style death metal discursive variation, finding a balance in the overall structure of these songs to deliver the listener through cycles of evolutionary thought into themes and rhythms of commonality. Rolling riffs of fast tunneled tremolo connect songs in a sequence of tone and rhythm, flowing into one another and rejoining on the snap command of circular song structure to begin again a cycle.

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"Puppets Who Ignore Their Masters"


  1. 1. Anthems For An Eternal Battle
  2. 2. Puppets Who Ignore Their Masters
  3. 3. Inner Quest
  4. 4. The Last Journey
  5. 5. Shadows Of Emptyness
  6. 6. Remember The Un-Remembering
  7. 7. Ship Of Illusions
  8. 8. Traitors Of Everyday
  9. 9. Lost Angel
  10. 10. Falling Into Darkness