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Dr. Acula

Dr. Acula - Nation

Dr. Acula reestablished themselves as the originators of 'party metal' on their 2011 Victory Records debut, Slander. The band brought their refreshing and schizophrenic style of extreme music across North America many times over, performing nearly 200 energetic shows since Slander was released.

Over the last year and a half Dr. Acula built a dedicated, cult-like following now known as the DA Nation. Loaded with bizarre lyrics, party-provoking vocals, raw guitar riffs, and merciless breakdowns, Nation further spreads Dr. Acula's spastic concoction of fun-filled metal around the globe and continues to grow the DA Nation by the thousands.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Ironic Enclosure"


  1. 1. Be Careful What Your Wish For...
  2. 2. Heavy Handed
  3. 3. Keep On Running In Place
  4. 4. The Party Is Over (Locked On Target)
  5. 5. Ironic Enclosure
  6. 6. Dressed For Transylvania In The Boiling Weather (Lipstick Guys)
  7. 7. Nation
  8. 8. Robot People From Hell
  9. 9. Suburban Superstar (Strung Out On Strong Island)
  10. 10. Areola 51
  11. 11. Citizen's Arrest
  12. 12. Thinner

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